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Welcome to Patricia Walter's Gallery of Poetry, Art and Information

I have been blessed to do many things in my life including writing poetry, painting and playing music. I also designed and run several large patient to patient websites about Hip Resurfacing, Total Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement. The websites are an outgrowth of my own hip replacement and knowledge of website design. I wanted to help people learn about their options for joint replacement and opportunity to talk with other patients.

The fun part of my work is the poetry and art. You can read my poetry and see art selections at A POET'S CORNER Learn about MY DOGS, CATS and ABOUT ME. A place to listen to my ACCORDION MUSIC  featuring old standards from the 40's and 50's.


Touched by Beauty

We all want to be touched
by wonderful music, beautiful art, love of our fellow man.
To be moved, drawn, taken to places unknown.
To feel an overwhelming chill from a beautiful orchestral phrase,
to be filled with warmth and joy from the color of a canvas,
to feel the wonder from touching the creativity of mankind.
How music, art and poetry cause such emotion is unknown,
but we all know when we are there - 
what a cold world it would be without
the beauty of music, art, poetry and love.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter  Jan. 2000 ©

Patricia Walter is a poet and artist living in Marietta, Ohio. Her original poetry and art is featured at the Six Dog Studio Gallery. A free ecard service is available to send many of her poetry and art to friends.

Pat & PJ

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